Concordia Presidential Scholarships in Canada 2021

The College of Education of Concordia in Canada is fully funded and open to international competitors. Scholarships offer an undergraduate (s) degree in all subjects taught at Concordia University. The deadline for scholarships is 01 Feb 2021.

Located in the vibrant and bustling city of Montreal, Concordia University is one of the world’s leading universities established 50 years ago and one of the ‘top universities’ in the city Canada.

While Concordia’s way of thinking allowed him to keep his eyes peeled, his roots were very strong in two major professional centers, both with a memorable history. The University was established on August 24, 1974, following the merger of Sir George Williams College and Loyola College.

The University of Concordia welcomes foreign experts each year from around the world to study, research and innovate in their university.

Concordia Public Schools is a new, free, scholarship program designed to support foreign candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, community direction and inspiration for the advancement of global communities. This scholarship program will provide tuition and fees, books and living expenses based on Concordia residents. Each year, this prize will be awarded to up to 2 candidates from each teacher.


Concordia Presidential Scholarships are available for undergraduate programs at Concordia University.

Finding Keywords:

These titles are available for training under this free scholarship.

  • All Issues

Relevant countries:

Foreign payment candidates are eligible to apply.

Benefits of Concordia Presidential Scholarships

The University of Concordia offers support to all undergraduates who demonstrate academic excellence, community direction and motivation to improve in global society. This program will:

  • near school and business,
  • the books
  • cost estimates in relation to transportation costs in Concordia.

It is usually renewed up to four years provided that the candidates have fulfilled all the renewal conditions.

Volunteer for Concordia Presidential Studies

To qualify, candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Early to college.
  • Participate full-time in undergraduate programs.
  • Foreign Secondary students, fully paid international candidates.
  • Start training at Concordia High School in Fall 2021.

How to Concordia Guide Training

Online application forms must be completed to log in and must be submitted to the My Concordia student channel. You need candidates to complete the Nom Form

  • Supporting documents: Must provide a recent CV listing all of their work, volunteer skills, culture, honors, and other achievements.
  • Personal information – which describes the direction of their community and their commitment to the advancement of the international community, and describes how access to this material will help them pursue their education program and achieve their goals personal and educational.
  • Entry Requirements: Candidates must have a good academic background with a GPA of at least 2.00.
  • Language Requirements: Candidates must meet English Language Proficiency requirements.

The candidate must also identify a candidate who can ensure their success and behavior. Candidates must be those who know the candidates and their achievements well. Often, a candidate cannot be a close friend or relative. This candidate must complete the package sent by the seller via email to Candidate application must include the following:

  • Application Form Name
  • The personal information of 1000 people explains why they think the candidate is the best person to consider for Concordia Leadership Training.
  • Email Address: Determination of LastName_Student Student Scholarship ID (Example: Doe_12345678 Application Manager)
  • Filename: StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_StudentID # _Nominator (Example: Doe_John_12345678_Nominator)

Selection Policy for Concordia Leadership Studies

Candidates and individual attendees will receive an invoice email when their package is full. Incomplete material will be removed without notice. All completed applications will be reviewed by the College’s Graduate Scholarship Committee and the Grants Committee. Once a decision has been made, candidates will be notified via email.