ETS Internal Graduate Scholarships in Canada 2021

Ecole de Technologie Superieure is now accepting applications for the ETS Indigenous College of Education for the 2021/2022 academic year.

As a university based on Technology, the Supcole de Technologie Supérieure is part of the founding of the Université du Québec. ÉTS, which focuses on technology and practical science education and practical research, teaches technicians and researchers who are well versed in hand and ground breaking techniques.

From its inception, ÉTS has pursued a project to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, it is not a story published from other universities in Quebec because of the training it provides for its students, and its research activities that the companies offer.

Each year, ÉTS businesses include more than 1,200 organizations that provide contractual terms for trainers and professional support to improve the company’s facilities. Based on school policy on the transfer of technology to organizations, more than 60% of research projects are available directly from the company or in relation to the projects performed with the business.

At ÉTS, bachelor’s programs have more training sessions and applications than any other undergraduate degree program in Quebec.

For high school candidates, offersTS offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of technical fields, such as a recognized diploma and diploma training for people who want to pursue a career.


For all candidates, ÉTS research programs are based on access to a quality education program. They provide candidates with unparalleled expertise through companies and institutions.

A quarter of Quebec teachers pursuing a master’s degree in technology are enrolled in ÉTS, working at one of the top universities in the region offering a bachelor’s degree program. ÉTS is one of the top five technology departments or schools in Canada.

Thanks to the help of the company and the business community, professionals / researchers do a lot of work in many clinics, chairs and organizations in ÉTS. They are doing more work in practice through their work to develop the knowledge and increase the value of Quebec and competition, and to train skilled skilled professionals.

Value of ETS in Postgraduate Courses

ETS community colleges are designed to support eligible students and undergraduates who receive $ 7,500 for semester 1.

Eligible for ETS Companies
In the competition venue:

  • Enroll in a full-time program (maximum with 3 high school programs) in a master’s program (with a master’s degree) or a PhD program in ÉTS;
  • It should not be long;
  • Must receive a prize of $ 10,000 or more for the year earned in the competition / selection process (e.g. NSERC participants, ÉTS Excellence Awards, or others).

In addition, for master candidates:

  • It has a minimum of 3.5 / 4.3 in the current format.

In addition, for PhD candidates:

  • They passed the comprehension test (DGA1030).

Documents required

Documents for electronic submission:

  • Application Form (available January 4, 2021)

PDF documents to be sent by email to

  • Confirmation of submission or receipt of unpublished reports or of unsolicited communications, if applicable.

How to Apply for ETS School of Education

  • Mandatory documents must be electronic through the Application process (received January 4, 2021).
  • Similarly, PDF documents should be sent via email to [secure email]
  • Ensuring the submission or receipt of unpublished reports or unsolicited communications may be presented in a timely manner if appropriate.

Appropriate guides are available for ETS Colleges of ETS

  • Educational Experience (Master 40% / PhD 10%);
  • Research Description (Master 30% / PhD 50%);
  • Books (Master 10% / PhD 20%);
  • Communication / conference (5%);
  • Communication skills and direction (15%).