University of Regina Entrance Scholarships in Canada 2021

Regina University offers foreign students who will continue their studies at Regina University from the winter of 2021 or the summer of 2021.

The University of Regina (U of R) has university campuses in Regina and Saskatoon under contract contracts 4 and 6. These include relatives in the towns of Saulteaux, Cree, Dakota, Nakoda, Lakota and Métis.

The expanded University of U of R dates back to the founding of Regina University, a small boarding school founded by the Methodist Church in 1911. The university has expanded in size and importance, becoming the campus of the University of Saskatchewan. and, finally, the establishment of a private grant – the University of Regina – in 1974.

U of R is:

  • 10 degrees;
  • 25 departments of education and schools;
  • 18 research institutes and institutes; we have,
  • three collaborative colleges: First Canadian University, Campion College, and Luther College.

In 2020, Regina University entered its 12th year of unrestricted enrollment, increasing its percentage to 16,664 full-time and part-time professionals – a record number. Their school rankings are similar to the national average and the University ranks second among all public universities in terms of student financial aid – scholarships, scholarships, and receipts – probably as a percentage of funding.


This is one of Regina University’s Undergraduate Studies, and it offers nearly $ 200,000 per year. Private $ 3,000 is offered to candidates who do not receive a Certificate of Education Acquisition to apply directly from the high school (or equivalent) in the scholarship program. Candidates must earn an admission score of 85.00% or higher and enter into a nine-hour credit period during the award-winning course.


This prestigious award is given to the top three candidates in the top three recognized regions each year in the world. If you agree that the candidate meets the criteria each year, they will receive $ 5,000 directly throughout the school year for 4 years! In addition to financial aid, these candidates will be invited to meet with the President of Regina University each year for a Circle of Scholars meeting. Candidates who join the Fall Primary Committee, will be eligible for this course. Note that there is a special requirement for this gift.


Regina University offers Scholarship and Homecoming Scholarships for new International Candidates who will be pursuing their undergraduate studies with Regina University starting from 2021 or Summer / Summer 2021. Questions such as so:

  • New entrants who register for the winter of 2021 only or the summer / summer of 2021 will receive a $ 1,000 CAD upon their arrival and registration during the Fall 2021
  • Candidates who register for the Winter 2021 and Summer / Summer 2021 will receive a $ 2,000 CAD school value upon arrival and enrollment during Fall 2021
  • Candidates enrolled in the 2021 winter and summer 2021 or 2021 winter seasons will only receive $ 2,000 CAD for school fees for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 rules ($ 1,000 CAD in any case)

Applicants for Regina Oral Scholarships

  • Candidates are required to be international students
  • You need candidates to understand English
  • Candidates are required to have good academic credentials

DeadlineDifferent application: August 1, 2021

Countries Appropriate Countries: Global

Type: Inactive student

Gift Price: Up to $ 2,000

Number of Scholarships: Unknown

How to Apply Regina University Textbooks

Candidates for the University of Regina Admissions Scholarships must have a bachelor’s degree in primary education at the University of Regina.